Neem Pesticide

Certified under NPOP & IFOAM for use in organic farming

Narmada Neem Pesticide is a very effective natural insecticide made from Neem oil. It contains active ingredients like Azadirachtin, Nimbin, nimbidin, salanin and meliontriol. It protects crop from more than 200 types of harmful insects.


How it works:


Repellent action: It repels harmful insect from crops due to its strong odour and repulsive action


Antifeedant: When applied to crop, harmful insects avoid feeding on the crop due to bitter taste of the Narmada Neem pesticide which ends their life cycle


Ovicidal effect: Harmful insects do not lay eggs on crops coated with Narmada Neem pesticide which subsequently terminates the life cycle of an insect


Growth Retardant Effect: It destroys the reproductive power of insects by barring body transformation of Larvae and cocoons. Hence, it breaks the life cycle of harmful insects


Azadirachtin content of Narmada Neem pesticide stops the formation of chitin in insects. It hinders sexual conversation and intercourse of insects. It also makes adult insect impotent



Narmada Neem pesticide affects the life cycle of an insect in different ways due to the presence of different biological active ingredients. Due to this, the insect cannot develop immunity against Narmada Neem Pesticide over a generation.

  • It is manufactured from natural ingredients hence does not affect helpful insects
  • It can be used along with other chemical pesticides and improves their effectiveness
  • It is cohesive with chemical pesticides and organic farming hence can be used as integrated pest management and bio-control
  • It is manufactured from natural raw materials and hence it does not have the toxic side effects of chemical pesticides on crop, land and atmosphere
  • It is degradable in the presence of sunlight hence there is no residual effect on crop

Application of Narmada Neem Pesticide on crops, controls insects like Aphids, Thrips, red spider mite, whitefly, Milibug, Kabri caterpillars, lili caterpillars, pink caterpillars, pan valnari caterpillars, pan koryu, and laskari caterpillars effectively.

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