Neem Oil (General Purpose)

Applications :

  • Primarily used for manufacturing Neem Coated Urea
  • Can be used in production of about 600 types of medicines in India
  • Can be used in pharmaceutical and pesticides industry
  • Can be used as repellent, insecticide and growth disruptor
  • Can be used in manufacturing herbal and other cosmetics such as soap, shampoo etc
  • Refined Neem oil is used to manufacture technical oleic acid, and stearic acid
  • Can be used to treat skin diseases like scrofula indolent, ulcer, sores and ringworms

Specification :

  • Physical appearance: Brown coloured viscous liquid
  • Moisture = 0.5% max
  • Acid value = Max.20
  • Viscosity 40 Degree C = Max. 120 CST
  • Azadirachtin Contents: 50 to 600 ppm as required by customer
  • Density = In the range of 0.9100 to 0.9500
  • Insoluble matters (Sediments): 0.1% Max

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