Neo Neem all Purpose Oil

Benefits of Neem Oil

  • Very effective cure for dandruff and itching
  • Very good conditioner for dry and under nourished hair
  • Works as an antiseptic, antioxidant and astringent
  • Effective repellent for mosquitoes and insects
  • Treats indoor / outdoor plants and effective against tots, mildews, blights


Directions for Use

For external use only. Use as directed below for different applications

  • For treatment of hair:  Mix one part of Neem Oil with 3-4 parts of coconut oil or any other hair oil and apply gently on hair. Keep for about an hour and wash hair
  • For treatment of skin: Massage oil on the body followed by hot water bath to keep skin free of infection
  • For repelling insects and mosquitoes: Keep balls of cotton wool dipped in Neem oil near doors and windows to protect against insects and mosquitoes

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