Neem Cake

Neem Cake is the residue obtained from neem seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. It is an excellent organic fertilizer with N-P-K content. Neem cake has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plant due to its natural pesticide content. Ideal for use in kitchen garden and house plants.

Features :

  • Performs the dual function of fertilizer and pesticide
  • Provides primary and as well as secondary nutrients essential for plant growth
  • Nurtures Nitrogen fixing Bacteria, earthworms & other living organisms that are soil- beneficial
  • Reduces the growth of soil pests and bacteria
  • Bio degradable and eco- friendly
  • Acts as an excellent soil conditioner

Directions :

  • Mix Neem cake with the soil in and around the roots of plants, vegetables, bushes and trees
  • Neem Cake can be safely applied to all garden plants
  • Apply 50-80 grams per square metre of in soil
  • For External Use Only

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