Visit by Prof. A. K. Biswas to Neem Seed collecting Villages

Prof. A.K. Biswas, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore; and Ms. Sharmila Ray, Consultant, GNFC, SJ&ED and UNICEF visited three villages in Gandhinagar district where The Neem Project has been active in 2015-2016. The three villages include Moti Adraj, Pratappura & Shobhasan.. The visit was led by senior GNFC officials SMM [KBP] & AH – CA [GKP].

The visit was focussed on interacting with beneficiaries from each village to understand the modalities of operation and the way in which the women and landless labourers benefit from collecting neem seeds for GNFC. The discussions revolved around the socio-economic impact of neem seed collection on their lives. Many said that they are now empowered to not only supplement their household income for the first time but that they are also paying for their children’s education and household repairs from the supplementary income they earn through the project. The visit also included going to a storage facility.

Event Date: 18.09.2016